In February 2018, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions published Time to care: Securing a future for the
hospital workforce in the UK
 which highlights the impact of rising demand for care and increasing shortage of doctors and nurses on the NHS hospital workforce.


The Workforce Deployment Expert Group has developed this opportunity map that outlines the potential and scope of workforce optimisation technology in health and care to overcome the challenges identified by the group and Deloitte.


The map is a visual representation of the complexity of workforce optimisation functions across the different healthcare staff groups in the NHS. The map illustrates the scope for deployment.

Additionally, by way of example, the group considered the current position of NHS organisations in England in relation to the opportunities identified on the map.


All of the functions listed in the map have been grouped under the umbrella of rostering, within this the group have not placed preference or emphasis on any of the functions being more or less important for improvement than another. The group recognised that defining a focused and specific purpose for the technology was one of the features that had stood out in all the case studies. The group hope the map will help NHS organisations assess their own position against the relevant functions for each staff group, better target their focus areas, and improve their workforce planning and deployment processes. In practice, each opportunity area should be supplemented with its own metrics to track improvement.


The map is populated with data from Allocate Software, based on customer knowledge and market research including Freedom of Information requests. It represents usage within organisations, although it is noted some organisations may have a percentage of use in some services and divisions while not all.


Workforce Optimisation Maturity_5-1.svg